Zatar Mountains

(This is the name of the mountains that you grew up in. You learned it from the villagers you rescued)

The Valley of Leryn: Heavily wooded, with only a few clearings made by the followers of Cerald. The valley is high up in the mountains and the winters can be extremely cold. The area is rich with game and the soil is farmable. Other than large bears and the winter there are few natural dangers.

Leryn was the last bastion of Cerald and his followers. The fallen king used his remaining magic to cast a spell protecting his people from discovery and Desnkel’s dark magic. What was at first a refuge became a prison, as inhabitants learned Denskel’s magic targeted not only those who served Cerald, but also their descendants.

Thoppol: A small hamlet twenty five miles west of the Valley of Leyrn. Most of its inhabitants were eking out a living in the Zatar Mountains. Their was one wizard who stayed in the town and was studying why travelers heading east always became lost on the road and reported strange feelings. The townspeople thought of him as a wizard of great power. Whether he was, or if the simple folk had no context for even basic magic abilities, is unknown.

The town was destroyed on March 4th, 618, by a small group in black robes wielding powerful magics that easily killed the wizard and destroyed all the other town defenses. They made no attempts to capture any prisoners and instead burned the town to the ground.

The survivors tried to rebuild, but were captured and imprisoned weeks later by a roving tribe of goblins. They were later rescued by the heroes.

The Barracks: The last line of defense of Cerald’s forces at the end of their retreat. Three barracks were constructed and how they have fared over the centuries is unknown. High Priest Perce suggested that they might be worth investigating.

They are all between seventy and miles from the Valley of Leryn. One is located due west from the valley, one is to the northwest and is purported to border a great body of water, while the other is to the southwest.

The Dead Zone: A zone west of Thoppol that the villagers warned the heroes was infested with undead, but they were able to offer no specifics.

Zatar Mountains

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