Town Services

In any town or city there will be magic practitioners who will be willing to sell there services for a set fee. The fee may go up or down depending on the town and how they view the player characters.

Magic item creation: Players can get any basic magic item made through random generation. It is impossible to build a particular magic weapon or armor, instead its properties are determined through magic generation (magic is a chaotic force in this world).

Players will specify the amount of magic energy that they want to go into an item. Random dice rolls will determine the exact properties. Players must pay the cost of the mundane weapon or armor in addition to the magic added.

Magic Weapons:
+1 2000
+2 8000
+3 18000
+4 32000
+5 50000
+6 72000
+7 98000
+8 128000
+9 162000
+10 200000

Armor or shield:
+1 1000
+2 4000
+3 9000
+4 16000
+5 25000
+6 36000
+7 49000
+8 64000
+9 81000
+10 100000

More expensive items may be impossible to create without certain components that the players will need to provide.

Coming back to life: Players who have died can be resurrected in town. It costs 6000 gold to have someone perform the raise dead spell (like magic weapons, cost may be adjusted). The dead must be brought to be raised within 72 hours of their and the target will lose one level’s worth of experience points (supposed to be one full level, but not worth the time to undo character changes).

A reincarnation spell can be cast for the lower price of 1500 gold. Again the target will lose a level, though there is a full two weeks available until they are brought back to life. Reincarnation though stipulates that the person will be brought back in a new body, with the race be determined by a random roll.

Training: Towns provide training in skills and character levels as needed when leveling up. It is not the only option, but is the one that is pretty much always present. Cost will vary based on what exactly is being learned.

Hiring Help: With a party of three, sometimes you’ll need extra help. This could be something as simple as a guide, or maybe a 4th level rogue.

Cost of Hirelings per day, Non-Combatants:
Untrained (Laborer, Porter): 1 SP
Basic Training (Craftsman, normal entertainer): 3 SP
High Training (Talented Musician, Architect): 7 SP
Specialist (Alchemist): 1 GP

Cost of Hirelings, Combatant, Non-Adventurers (Pay and expenses included):
Cost is per day/per day of danger/signing bonuses
Soldier: 4 SP/1 GP/5 SP
Calvary: 6 SP/1.5 GP/1 GP
Leader (necessary for any group of more than three): 8 SP/2.5 GP/5 GP

Cost of Hirelings, Adventurers:
All hired adventurers gain a half share of treasure (count as half a player character) in addition to pay.

Town Sizes:
Thorp: Under a 100
Village: 100 – 1000
Town: 1000 – 5000
City: 5000 – 25000
Metropolis: 25000 or greater

Services by town level
Town: Up to a class level of seven (magic items +3 or lower, reincarnation only)
City: Up to a class level of fourteen (magic items +6 or lower, resurrection available
Metropolis: Everyting

Town Services

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