The Party

Johnny: A gnome prodigy, was recruited into the Shale Tower at an early age. Both physically and mentally gifted he chose to dedicate himself to the pursuit of magic. Was trained by Seebo, though they were never really friendly.

While extremely talented, was not chosen for the original party that left because of his lack of experience. With their failure and the need becoming dire he has been recruited to find the Gem of Vatesia.

Ielenia (Shea): A member of the Order, and an adherent of the Calm Body. She knew Annja and Treltos, though she was not friendly with either of them. She easily ignored Marcus’ flirtations.

Despite her training in the Order, she spent most of her time away from from Relstein and lived in the woods. She is a distant relative of Nanbian and is one of the few people to have seen her, even though such visits have been brief and infrequent.

Lithoniel (Julie): A paladin and loyal servant of Bastamus. She knew Annja and had worked closely with Treltos before. She despised Marcus for his easy going attitude and his relentless advances.

Princess Fyre Chiefdaughter (NPC): A barbarian from the Bardish tribes who was captured in battle and meant to be sold in Stron by Fredrick Marce. It is suspected that she was captured by Aldrin Douglass in battle, but never confirmed.

The Party

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