The Original Six

Annja Sevent (human): Considered the most promising student of the Order of the Eternal Eye, Annja was a natural selection for the first group that sought out the Gem of Vatesia. Her skill at unarmed combat is considered superior to even those in the valley who are trained with weapons. She is always polite and formal, but generally distant as she spends most of her time inside the Orders barracks practicing constant meditation. Few outside the Order can claim to have ever spoken more than a few words with her.

Treltos (half-elf): A tall man, Treltos was a common sight around town. A member of the Order of the Eternal Eye, Treltos believed it was his duty to constantly monitor the people and the border. He regularly walked the full perimeter of the valley, never once stopping to remove his heavy armor or even rest. As a self-appointed enforcer of the law, Treltos is polite and known by many, but only those in the Order can claim to know him really well.

Marcus Grise (human): A debonair young man barely out of his teens, Marcus is known to just about all of the residents of Relstein. As a child he was enlisted as a member of the Order, but was kicked out for his frequent pranks despite his incredible skill with a sword. Marcus has grown up on the streets and is well known for his friendly attitude and constant flirtatious nature. It is also reported that he has maintained his skill with the blade, and there are rumors that he continues to best Treltos in martial competitions. Marcus always seems to be dressed in new clothing, and has money to donate to children and spend on his lavish dates, but none have any idea where he acquires it from.

The selection of Marcus was a surprise as he is well known for his lack of work ethic and inability to get along with those in authority. Some were concerned that an even bigger problem might be his multiple attempts to court Annja in the past.

Seebo Kres Hoffbockle Yondle (gnome): An old wizard known for his humor and displays of colorful magic to any who request it. He is liked by just about everyone in town for his friendly nature, though he rarely becomes involved in any disputes.

Nanbian Amarilia (elf): One of the older residents of the valley, many people considered Nanbian little more than a myth until she left on the journey. She has spent centuries living in the woods of Leryn. Hunters and other people from the woods speak of her in reverential terms, while those from the city have always been suspicious why someone who actually remembers Cerald is so distant from his followers.

Joaleen Cora (halfling): Halflings are rare among the people of Leryn, and Joaleen was frequently picked on as she grew up. She responded by teaching herself ways to get back at her tormenters. Unable to match others in direct physical conflicts, Joaleen became a master of pranks and covert actions. Many were surprised when the Lodge actively recruited Joaleen, as it was almost unheard of for them to pursue city dwellers. She took to their lessons well and is renowned for being impossible to find if she disappears into the woods.

The Original Six

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