The Gods: The world of Brunel is filled with many gods and demi-gods. However, knowledge of most of the gods has been lost or considered irrelevant to the followers of Cerald. Until you explore the world most of those gods are mystery to you, but you still know the major ‘elder gods’.

The Elder Gods: The most powerful of the gods. The two major gods are the brothers Bastamus and Krael, whose battle has defined not just Brunel, but the role of many of the lesser gods and demi-gods.

The All Mother: The purported original goddess from which everything else has sprung force. The All Mother views all life on Brunel equally. With most other gods concerning themselves with various humanoid factions, the All Mother’s most intense worshipers are druids who value her devotion of nature.

The All Mother pays little attention to the conflicts caused by those who came after her. While she values the growth and nurturing of life, she has little care whether people live free or under tyranny.

Gwenallyn: Her followers claim that she was the first of the gods after the All Mother and that one day she will take over as the supreme entity. Gwenallyn constantly remains close to the All Mother and shares a similar philosophy. She also cares about all life, though her interests follow her siblings fascination with humanoids and not the All Mother’s equal attention to nature.

Gwenallyn is the goddess of diplomacy, peace, and healing. She is constantly trying to stifle combat between her siblings. When that fails, as it often does, she concerns herself with healing those injured by the battle.

Bastamus: God of protection, Bastamus had the widest following of the gods when Cerald had to retreat. Cerald himself was a follower of Bastamus and it is considered perfectly acceptable for the descendants of Cerald’s ancestor to dedicate themselves to the elder god if they wish.

Bastamus believes in law and order to bring about a better world. He values peace like his sister Gwenallyn, but he thinks conflict is inevitable and that warriors should be trained to protect the innocent. While he values law, he understands how it can be abused, and believes that law and goodness must go hand and hand, they should not exist separately. Bastamus believes people have the right to self-determination and his followers have been known to try republican forms of government in the past.

Krael: Like his brother Bastamus, Krael strongly believes in law and order being used to bring about a better world. However, he disagrees with the application. Where Bastamus favors small communities with everyone having a voice, Krael believes in one strong empire with a single ruler. He is the god of warlords and actively promotes tyranny. Krael supports those who try and increase their power as he believes humanity is best served by fewer and stronger rulers.

The Many Faced One: No set name has ever been able to be given to this female goddess as she changes it constantly. A spirit of pure chaos, she likes to interject herself into her siblings’ conflict to cause strife. Particularly enjoys antagonizing Gwenallyn and her efforts at creating stability.

Her interventions have prevented either Bastamus or Krael from being victorious, and her followers helped ensure the circumstances for the Ageless War. While most believe the reason for her actions is impossible to discern, a few think there is a devious plot behind her “crazy” actions.

Exporelin: The dead god. Many rumors float about to ascribe his existence. Some say he was a child of the All Mother who was never born right. Others think he may have been killed by his jealous brother Bastamus and Krael, yet as a god he was never able to truly die. A few think he is not of the world, and not of the All Mother, and might actually be older than her.

Whatever the cause for his existence, Exporelin is the god of death. He seeks to bring all life on the earth to an end. Few actively worship him, though some beg him for mercy. The necromancers who follow his arts gain power quickly, at a horrible price.

All the other gods fight Exporelin, though Krael has been known to overlook his followers briefly allying with the dark god. His existence, and commitment to bringing an end to life, is the main motivator of the other gods existence and even the crux behind Bastamus and Krael’s conflicts (how best to protect humanity).

The Gods: Below the Elder Gods are the regular gods. Some are direct creations of the All Mother, most are children (not always literally) of the Elder Gods, and a few are mortals who rose from demi-god to full divine status. The Gods usually have more direct interaction with the mortal world, but it is a rare event for them to take direct action.

Valinia: A goddess of trade. It is rumored that she may be an off spring of either Bastamus or the Many Faced One, but her followers differ on her direct divine heritage. She advocates large scale freedom and is a patron of merchants and the city of Stron.

Baltin: A child of Bastamus whose followers have a major presence in the world. They argue that Bastamus was too idealistic. While they agree with many of the individual values that Bastamus favored, they think his reliance on people making their own decisions led to weakness. As such they support strong systems of hereditary of theocratic rule.

Waldish: Worshiped by some of the slaves of Oustin. Seems to be a child of Bastamus, but his followers are shunned.

Demi-Gods: Mortals who have risen to great levels of power, or particularly weak children of gods. The demi-gods are extremely powerful and have managed to grab an essence of the divine, but their power is still limited. Large armies and powerful adventurers have managed to topple demi-gods. Most of them permantly inhabit the mortal world.

Cerald: A former ruler who made his home on Maldin. Known as Kind Cerald the Just. Battled against Emperor Denskel in the Ageless War. He was ultimately defeated and now slumbers in the Valley of Leryn.

Denskel: The former Emperor who is said to have ruled the vast majority of the world. He invaded Maldin, defeated Cerald, and cast a spell that brought death to all of Cerald’s followers. What has happened to him since he was victorious in the Ageless War is unknown.

Godlings: Mortal children of a demi-god or god. While they are still mortal, they generally possess incredible abilities and many will eventually progress to a higher divine state.


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