Kingdom of Rynn

Rynn: A land bordering the northwest of the Zatar mountains. Nothing else is currently known about it.

Dimensions: The kingdom is 300 miles N/S, 175 miles E/W.

Stron: A town next to the Zatar mountains and the Bay of Edimon. Serves as an area of supplies for people coming down from Zatar and a major trade center for much of northwest Maldin. It has frequent trade with Lineil across the Bay of Edimon, and merchant caravans use the Great Road to travel the Kingdom of Rynn, to the Free Cities, the Gwenallyn commune, and the Baltin Theocracy.

Castle Hawk: The strongest military power within the Kingdom of Rynn. Little is known about Count Hawk other than that he is seeking to bring Stron under his control.

House Douglass: The northern most land in Rynn, House Douglass has been trapped in a long conflict with the Bardish Tribes. It is also rumored to be engaged in slavery and trades with Oustin.

Anvilthorp: The ruling city of Rynn, named after the ruling Anvilthorp family.

Kingdom of Rynn

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