Free City States

A large area made up of a number of independent city states that have a loose military alliance. Its largest city, Darfarang, is the largest city on Maldin. The cities are located mostly along the Jaldith River. The city states are known for their wealth and trade.

Membership in the alliance is predicated upon accepting a governing structure that conforms to the rules laid down by Bastamus, though no actual commitment to Bastamus beyond the governing structure. Subsequently, almost all member in the alliance have a republican form of government, but the specifics varies from city to city.

The City States and the merchants that travel the Great Road do suffer frequent raids from the Targon barbarian tribes to the west, and from various groups that come from the Uldar Badlands in the east. They also face dangers from incursions origination from Dead Zones to the east and south west, and the occasional war from the minotaur kingdom of Valhulm to the northeast.

The independent centaur state of Quezell lies within the boundaries of the Free City States. While it is a tentative part of the alliance, it is not obliged to follow the rules as laid down by Bastamus.

Free City States

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