The largest city on Maldin and the hub of the great road.

History: Originally an encampment of soldiers under Emperor Denskel, it became a staging ground for the build up of his army for their final assault against King Cerald. As the encampment morphed into a full settlement it became involved in the slave trade and many of Denskel’s soldiers spent most of their time capturing people from nearby settlements.

Denskel’s army was decimated when Bastamus killed Emperor Denskel and cut through most of his army before he was stopped by the other gods. The remaining forces tried to retain control of the area, but the slaves revolted following Bastamus’ example. The slaves were led by the legendary female fighter Hope Marce who personally slew many of Denskel’s remaining lieutenants. While the army possessed military superiority, it lacked leadership and purpose and was quickly routed.

The former slaves built their new city on the ruins of the military encampment, saving only the small section of the slave remnants that remained as a reminder of where they came from. Many areas that had been devastated by the Ageless War began to flock to Darfarang, seeking the only civilization available. The founders were clear that there would be no king and no favored groups. This allowed many people to flow in to the city, but it also managed to grow it far beyond even the bounds that Denskel’s military camp once had.

Politics: There is little in way of strict rulership. If any group holds universal sway it is the remnants of Bastamus priests because they respected by all, but their power is generally minor due to Bastamus’ absence.

The Outer Guard is the second force that holds the most sway, but they limit their influence. The Outer Guard is charged with protecting the city against foreign enemies and only interferes in the city in dire circumstances. However, they are held in great respect, and if their leaders do step into city matters virtually everyone listens to them.

The city Senate is the only other group with any city wide power. Rules for how Senators are elected are unclear and the number of Senators frequently changes. The requirement that any measure have 75% of the members vote for approval generally deadlocks any action. Usually the only decisive action taken by the Senate is funding the city and outer guard, which is usually determined by the Captain of the Outer Guard stating the funds that will be needed and the Senate approving them. Their have been the rare charismatic leader of the Senate who have managed to unify it enough to get actual work done, but usually little is accomplished and the citizens of Darfarang are left on their own, just the way they like it.

Most leadership of the city is local. Many areas have segmented off and have their own rules and laws. A few groups, outside of those with actual government powers, also try to influence the city as a whole.

Appearance: As a rich city Darfarang is in excellent condition, even if the larger government structure is very chaotic. The city merchants pay to keep the roads well maintained and there is generally torches put out at night. There are old ruins built by Denskel and no one is sure how large they are as they have never been fully explored.

There are large swaths of slums within the city as well. The city generally has little authority to help them, and it is well known that the city guard doesn’t patrol the slums, just tries to quarantine them.

There are no defensive fortifications. The constant expansion of the city makes them impossible and the citizens would likely oppose them anyway. There are natural fortifications, with the Jaldith mountains to the south and the Jaldith river an internal defense if the city was ever invaded. Its greatest defense is its massive population. With its vast population and wealth, the city could conscript a militia on a moment’s notice that would be larger and better armed than many nation’s standing armies.

The Slave Pens: Now a religious center dedicated to Bastamus and any of his children. The area is generally very quiet and sees few visitors. There are no businesses or inns and it is one of the only areas within the city where nothing is being sold. Priests are allowed to hold public sermons, but otherwise there is little public activity.

Waterways: Darfarang is built around a the mouth of the river and many of its oldest sections use canals for transportation.

Aqueducts: Large aqueducts bring in water from the Jaldith Mountains so the city does not have to subsist off the river alone.


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