Adventures Completed

The Investigation of Thoppol: The player characters came across the town of Thoppol, finding only its burnt out ruins. They killed four of the five goblins who were living in the ruins, and interrogated the final one to learn about the larger tribe before letting him go.

Within the burned out ruins they found a Symbol of Denskel.

The heroes then killed a foraging party from the main tribe, before launching their assault. They successfully killed all the goblins and their bugbear leader, rescuing Thoppol’s residents without a single loss. They then volunteered to help rescue the remaining citizens of Thoppol and managed to track every kidnapped person down and suffered only minimal injuries.

Entry into Stron: Along the road the players encountered three carts speeding past. They stood to the side and did not notice anything unusual other than the Orc guards. It was only upon arrival in Stron that they learned that the cart was carrying slaves.

At the entrance to Strong the players met the city official Helenatorsin (who generally went by Helena). She recognized the symbol of Bastamus on Rel’s shield and inquired about her personal views on self-determination. While not overly impressed with the characters, she did find them of good moral standing and waived the entry fee.

Gray’s Caravan: While looking for work in the Baltin Temple, the players saw that Gray’s Caravan was recruiting warriors to try and recover the remains of a caravan that had tried to sneak through the Dead Zone. When the heroes went to investigate they found dozens of people applying for the position. They were approach by the fighter Brock, who said that he had permission from the head of the Caravan to put together a smaller party and salvage the caravan on their own. They would be paid by selling off the supplies from the caravan.

The heroes accepted. On their journey they were ambushed by a large group of skeletons and zombies. At the caravan they fought off more undead, including a dangerous Wight. They found that the carts had been destroyed and that they would be unable to simply attach the carts to the new horses. They salvaged the best bits (and were attacked by two skeleton wolves during the process) and returned to Stron.

They spent the rest of the day selling the supplies and got a moderate increase in payment. They then went to meet with the head of Gray’s Caravans, the flamboyant gnome Kinto Everwealth. He said that he was offering information on an expedition that had tried to cleanse the Dark Zone, but was killed in the 2nd circle. He said only a few people had the information and that he was offering it for a 20% cut. The heroes said they would consider it when they were more prepared.

At the end of the conversation the heroes learned that there had been a money box with the caravan that Brock had stolen. They searched for the fighter, but he had already fled town.

Protect the festival of Valinia: The heroes were recruited to stop Count Hawk and his daughter Margaret from ruining the festival and causing King Anvilthorp to remove his protection from their religious practices (period of no taxation).

The heroes managed to discover that Margaret was transporting sabotaged weapons into the festival and distributing them to merchants at a very low rate. She was claiming that the weapons were coming from House Douglass. The suspicion was that she was trying to create the impression among Anvilthorp’s advisers that the unregulated festival led to influx of inferior military equipment.

Ielenia entered the hand to hand competition in an effort to prevent Gargish, a half-orc who had been drinking and whoring, from winning and spoiling the honored Baltin ritual. Rel became friends with Gargish, wherein she learned that his drinking was entirely an act. Izzit snuck into Gargish’s room and stole his potions that he was likely using against tournament rules to give himself an edge.

Ielenia was unable to win the tournament and was knocked out by Gargish in the semi-final. However, during the challenging contest she managed to injure the half-orc enough that he was unable to win in the finals. She went on to place third.

Rel entered herself in the riding competition and placed fifth.

Due to her friendship with Gargish, Rel learned about a group of goblins and orcs assembling in the mountains who were planning on attacking the city during the festival. Ielenia scouted out the goblin encampment. The players believed that the goblins posed too great a threat to handle themselves, so they informed the Baltins who dispatched a platoon to deal with the threat.

While investigating the sabotaged weapons, the heroes heard about a riot occurring in halfling village. Ielenia, injured from the hand to hand fight, returned to the inn while Izzit and Rel rushed to the rescue. They found a group of drunken and rowdy dwarves lighting fires. The heroes assisted the Constables in ending the riot and learned they had been armed at their tavern with the same sabotaged weapons they had been investigating.

The heroes, mainly Izzit, failed to notice that the healing supplies for the hand to hand tournament had been sabotaged.

On the final night the heroes assaulted the warehouse Margaret had been using. Though Izzit sustained serious injuries, they were able to find the fake documents that Margaret was planning to deliver to Anvilthorp’s representatives to undermine the financial rewards the festival brought.

Oustin Slavers: The heroes accepted a request from Helena to help stop a group of Oustin Slavers believed to be working with House Douglass transporting slaves captured during their wars with the Bardish Tribes. Izzit was dispatched to a slave auction, with Ielenia as back-up, while Rel and Bramble, a anti-slave zealot halfling Helena had told them about, watched on.

The slave sale ended up being for halflings captured by orcs in the Savage War and did not involve House Douglass. Izzit bartered with as much of his gold as possible to buy their freedom, managed to rescue eight of the twelve. Rel and Bramble pursued the other four, managed to identify two more of the buyers.

Due to his purchases, Izzit was invited the next night to a larger sale being held by Frerick Marce, brother of the Duke. At this sale Bardish slaves were indeed being sold. Izzit, who had secured funding from a dwarven bank with help from Helena and the halfling community, saved until the end, where he had heard a special slave would be offered. The slave was Princess Fyre Chiefdaughter, and Izzit purchased her freedom.

Izzit had also encountered Aldrin Douglass, a powerful wizard who would easily decimate the planned constable raid of the house. They tried to get word to the Baltins, but they were unable to arrive before Aldrin departed. The constables then raided the house and freed the slaves, though many had already left and some of the buyers (including Fredrick) escaped through a secret tunnel.

The Dead Zone Barracks: The heroes investigated the western barracks they had been told about when leaving Leryn. They found it filled with undead that they managed to defeat. They found some old scrolls and a few magic items along with a large quantity of mundane equipment. The equipment was so old that it would likely have little resell value.

Adventures Completed

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