King Cerald


All that is known about King Cerald is from the stories that have been passed down after he fell into a perpetual slumber. King Cerald is purported to have been a powerful magic user who rose to become one of the two great leaders on the world of Brulyn. His power grew so great that he is said to have been more of a demi-god than a simple king or mage.

He created a vast and wealthy kingdom, but was pitted in the Ageless War against Emperor Denskel. After centuries of warfare Emperor Denskel triumphed and led an invasion of King Cerald’s home continent of Maldin. When Denskel unleashed a powerful magic that killed all of those sworn to Cerald’s service, the king retreated with his most loyal subjects to the Valley of Leryn. There, with his last act of power, he cast a spell to keep his supporters hidden and protected from all time.

He lay comatose until he detected the Gem of Vatesia somewhere on the world. He contacted his current High Priest, Alexander Perce, and instructed him to assemble the best possible group of warriors to venture forth and return it to the valley. He believes that, with the Gem in his possession, he could restore his powers and return to the world.

King Cerald

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