The Fallen King

Session 5

May 31st:
-Entered the Southern Barracks
-Ielenia fails to jump across the chasm of doom. While down in the pit, she sees an Elvish inscription that says, “No seriously, go back.”
-On her second jump attempt, Ielenia makes it across and barely evades a poison dart.
-The rest of the party crosses the chasm, searching for more booby traps. Princess Fyre takes a javelin to the back.
-The party takes too much damage and turns back to Stron to hire a rogue.
-Bramble thinks the party is insane for trying to get into the barracks.
-The party goes back to Oustin arriving on June 5th

June 5th:
-We enter a small town outside Oustin that looks like it supports the armies of Oustin. No one really talks to us.
-We meet a dwarf who saw the original party members and gives us some information. (Grast)
-He gives us a mission (retrieve his messenger) and he’ll tell us more information. He gives us two potions of Cure Light Wounds for our trouble.

June 6th:
-Arrive at a small clearing where we find the body of the messenger.
-Lithoniel examines the body.
-He was killed by a large spider, and we are soon attacked by more spiders.
-We fight the spiders off, and take the messengers body back to the town.
-Fyre runs ahead and is stupid. Gets trapped by a spider the size of a horse. She nearly dies. Lithoniel saves her.
-Grast is sad about the messenger, and gives the party the lowdown on Oustin.
-Grast tells the party what’s the what with the original searchers. They started a slave revolt.
-We stay in town for a few days while Fyre recovers.

June 11th
-We go to Nathaniel’s plantation to get a new quest.
-Sertis is away and Nathaniel wants us to help free more slaves.
-The party goes to clear out an orc encampment in order to enable Nathaniel to get more slaves out of Oustin.



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