The Fallen King

Session 5

May 31st:
-Entered the Southern Barracks
-Ielenia fails to jump across the chasm of doom. While down in the pit, she sees an Elvish inscription that says, “No seriously, go back.”
-On her second jump attempt, Ielenia makes it across and barely evades a poison dart.
-The rest of the party crosses the chasm, searching for more booby traps. Princess Fyre takes a javelin to the back.
-The party takes too much damage and turns back to Stron to hire a rogue.
-Bramble thinks the party is insane for trying to get into the barracks.
-The party goes back to Oustin arriving on June 5th

June 5th:
-We enter a small town outside Oustin that looks like it supports the armies of Oustin. No one really talks to us.
-We meet a dwarf who saw the original party members and gives us some information. (Grast)
-He gives us a mission (retrieve his messenger) and he’ll tell us more information. He gives us two potions of Cure Light Wounds for our trouble.

June 6th:
-Arrive at a small clearing where we find the body of the messenger.
-Lithoniel examines the body.
-He was killed by a large spider, and we are soon attacked by more spiders.
-We fight the spiders off, and take the messengers body back to the town.
-Fyre runs ahead and is stupid. Gets trapped by a spider the size of a horse. She nearly dies. Lithoniel saves her.
-Grast is sad about the messenger, and gives the party the lowdown on Oustin.
-Grast tells the party what’s the what with the original searchers. They started a slave revolt.
-We stay in town for a few days while Fyre recovers.

June 11th
-We go to Nathaniel’s plantation to get a new quest.
-Sertis is away and Nathaniel wants us to help free more slaves.
-The party goes to clear out an orc encampment in order to enable Nathaniel to get more slaves out of Oustin.

Session 4

May 26th: Slave sale at the docks (Baron Douglass and the slavers from Oustin)

  • Receive business license (Izzit’s possession)
  • Littleblade Bramble – Halfling opposed to slavers
  • Recruit Bramble. Izzit and Ielenia attempt to buy tickets to slave auction. Lithoniel and Littleblade hide outside.
  • Izzit and Ielenia fail to bluff their way into the slave auction, Lithoniel is successful.
  • Izzit and Ielenia barely get into the auction and are eyed suspiciously
  • Bramble and Lithoniel wait outside. Bramble becomes incensed that many of the slaves appear to be from Liniel.
  • Izzit buys eight halfling slaves, and spend all the party’s gold. Ielenia sits in a corner and doesn’t talk to anyone.
  • Izzit is invited to the slave auction the following night.

May 27th: Ielenia and Bramble scope out the house for tonight’s auction

  • Lithoniel visits the halfling village
  • Izzit prepares for the night with fancy new clothes and learning about the people likely to be at the auction
  • Ielenia poses as a guard looking for work at the Marce estate. She is put on gate duty due to her inability to deal with nobles.
  • Lithoniel visits the halfling village. They give her a crossbow (+2) to honor the Great Izzit who freed them. Lithoniel inquires about Captain Sherman and finds out that he works out of the Savage Lands and has a relationship with the orcs. They believe he’s either a slaver or a war-profiteer.
  • Izzit get a significant line of credit through the dwarves for the auction tonight.
  • The auction begins with Ielenia standing guard, Izzit attending, and Lithoniel and Bramble watching from a nearby house.
  • Izzit learns that slave auctions are common at the Marce Estate, it’s implied that House Douglass is involved, and there is a special slave up for sale at the end of the auction.
  • Ielenia sees a wizard (probably powerful) come into the auction.
  • Izzit loses contact with his familiar. He feels that an older gentleman who he believes to be Aldrin Douglass is blocking his magic somehow. Mystery Wizard and Izzit have a little “tip of the hat” exchange. Izzit purchases a barbarian princess slave with his line of credit.
  • Izzit walks out with his new slave. Ielenia warns him about the wizard and that the constables will be likely massacred if they bust into Marce Manor. Izzit leaves and relays the information to Lithoniel and Bramble.
  • Lithoniel guards Princess Fyre while Bramble goes to the Baltins and Izzit warns the constables.
  • The constables believe the Baltins will not work quickly enough. The constables want to wait for Aldrin Douglass to leave, and then break up the party. Helena agrees that Aldrin Douglass could kill a lot of people if the constabulary goes in without magical backup.
  • Princess Fyre tells Lithoniel that she was captured while raiding the outskirts of the Kingdom of Rynn. However, she’s not familiar enough with the assorted houses of nobility to tell Lithoniel who actually took her.
  • The constables, Princess Fyre, Lithoniel, and Bramble return to raid Marce Manor. Ielenia helps them get the drop on the gate guards. She takes one out and the other two surrender.
  • Inside the manor, most of the nobles have fled through a secret tunnel. Ielenia and Bramble chase down the tunnel, Lithoniel goes back for constable back-up. Bramble and Ielenia meet four gruards in the tunnel. They both get their asses handed to them. Lithoniel and the constables come and revive them.

May 29th: Party, plus Princess Fyre, goes to investigate the barracks. They choose to investigate the one in the Dead Zone. Safer route through the Zatar mountains near Thoppol.

  • Barracks in the Dead Zone found. Four zombies are inside. They fight.
  • Izzit finds some scrolls:
    See Invisibility x2
    Lightning Bolt
  • Fought many skeletons, zombies, and one shadow-y, wraith thing. Found more magic items:
    Magic Circle Against Evil Potions x2
    Cure Moderate Wounds Potions x3
  • Found second barracks. Skull and Crossbones sign outside written in an unfamiliar Elvish dialect that says, “Keep Out.”
Session 2

December 27th, 2012

May 8th: Travel
May 9th: Let carts pass by.
May 10th: Arrive at Stron, convince Helena to allow characters in for free. Head to the temple of Baltin and decide to take on the Gray’s Caravan mission. Meet with Brock who recruits the characters into a party to pick up the treasure. Festival to begin on May 17th.
May 11th: Travel
May 12th: Fight at the caravan
May 13th: Travel
May 14th: Selling goods and talking with Helena and Kinto Everwealth. Agree to investigate Count Hawk’s men to try. Learn that Brock stole a money box from them, but that he has already left the city.
May 15th:

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